The Natural Local Chat


Modern social media leaves users disconnected from the natural world, disillusioned by others, and dissatisfied by social media in general. But social media exists for a natural reason: we all want to share and connect. We at Branch take this innate desire, and have used it to build the first bridge between social media and real-world connectivity. Branch believes life’s true value lies in real-world connections.


Within the Branch app, everyone can discuss what’s going on at any ‘Spot’: the undergraduate library, the rec building, their dorm, or just campus in general. When something resonates, you can start privately chatting with the poster, ultimately making plans to get together in the real world.

Post what you’re up to, what you’re looking for, or what’s on your mind.

Begin a private anonymous chat with any poster or anyone discussing a post.

Send a request to share profiles, and make plans to meet up.